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Metformin generic vs brand name

What is metformin HCL? Generic Metformin HCL is a drug which is used for patients with high blood sugar levels. Of course, treatment of this ailment also involves other practices like; taking the right diet, the proper exercise and taking other supporting medications to support high blood sugar. A patient with type 2 diabetes majorly uses it. Though there is no permanent cure to the ailment, metformin HCl acts as a control mechanism of the ailment. It is important to control high blood sugar levels in that it helps prevent escalated complications such as kidney damage, nerve problems, sexual functions problems, or even blindness.


Metformin HCL is a generic product, but what does that exactly mean? Generic products might not be popular because they are not the first of their kind with that chemical composition. Therefore, a generic product is a drug that has the same chemical composition as the original drug. Eventually, we have a drug that has the same function and effectiveness as its original brand. Generic metformin HCL is in no way fake or degraded in quality. There are only two differences between a generic and its original counterpart which is; the name and the price. Generic drugs Metformin HCL are far cheaper than their original counterpart.

Metformin HCL comes as both an oral tablet and a solution. For the tablet, its parent drug is called Glucophage (immediate brand release) while the extended versions have the parent names Glucophage XR or Glutmetza. Its generic counterpart may come as the commonly known generic metformin Janumet. The FDA approves the use of generic drugs after verifying it’s of the same chemical composition of its parent brand.


Not in any way different from its parent brand (Glucophage). It belongs to the biguanides class of drugs. Drugs in this group work similarly and are used to control similar ailments.

There are three significant activities metformin generic carries out in the body;

–  Reducing the rate at which your liver produces glucose

–  Increasing insulin activities on your body (Insulin is the hormone that helps remove sugar from your blood) thereby reducing the blood sugar level.

–  Decreasing the amount of glucose absorbed by your body.

With these actions above, it is evident that the significant action of the generic metformin Janumet is to reduce the blood sugar level of a diabetes patient and must be accompanied with other safe practices as advised by the doctor.


It is highly advised to use Metformin HCL drug under the supervision of your medical practitioner. This should be done because the side effects of the Metformin may vary per patient, for some, it might bring some mild effects like; heartburn, gas, diarrhea or nausea. While for others the side effects may be more serious like; tiredness, slight muscle pain, weakness, slow or irregular heart rate. If yours is serious, it is advised you seek quick medical counsel.