Perfect Options are Now There for Effective Treatment of Back Pain

Back pain is a physical disorder that affects many people on a daily basis and can be caused by various causes. It appears to be the most common disorder after headaches and affects around 15 million people in India. For Back pain Dr. NarinderGrewal happens to offer the best suggestions and treatment options.

Back pain, which involves the muscles and bones of the back, can be of variable duration and is easily categorized into:

  • Acute back pain: when the pain lasts less than 30 days but about 20% of people solve the problem in 2 weeks. This type of back pain is commonly known as a “witch’s blow”.
  • Chronic back pain: when the pain persists for more than 6 weeks.
  • Back pain can be located in 2 areas of the body:
  • Lumbar area: occurs in 90% of cases pain is felt more when a weight is lifted from the ground and it is difficult to assume an upright position.
  • Dorsal area: it is the least frequent type, it can reach the ribs and the sternum also causing respiratory disorders.

Among the most common causes that can generally cause back pain include : muscle contractures, bone problems and nerve disorders in the spine .

To combat back pain, there is a traditional therapy based on taking drugs and performing physical therapies. It is also possible to alleviate painful symptoms by following some practical tips.

2. The Causes

Back pain, as previously mentioned, can be caused by several factors. Among the most frequent causes we have:

Muscular contracture: it is a muscular lesion that is characterized by an increase in sudden and involuntary muscle tone. Especially striking sportsmen who practice disciplines in which an explosive muscular effort is required (football, body-building, rugby, etc.) and those who perform heavy jobs. (For more details on the pathology see the reference article>

Bone diseases : osteoporotic fracture, arthrosis, scoliosis , bone cancer, ankylosing spondylitis .

  • Nerve problems in the spine : inflammation of the sciatic nerve , herpes zoster virus, spinal stenosis .

Other causes that can cause back pain are:

  • falls
  • pregnancy (For more details see the reference article> back pain during pregnancy )
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • stones
  • problems with the joints of the mouth
  • appendicitis
  • kidney diseases
  • disorders of the ovaries
  • cystitis
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • arthritis.

There are some factors that affect the appearance of back pain:

  • age
  • daily life
  • traumatic incidents
  • accidents
  • genetics
  • professional risks (those who work many hours a day on the computer or those who lift weights)
  • sedentary lifestyles
  • overweight
  • incorrect posture both during sleep and during the day
  • use of inadequate mattresses or too many pillows
  • absence of physical exercises or training too intense
  • use of high-heeled shoes for many hours a day.

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